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LEAD to Succeed™ - Leadership Growth Series

Effective leaders know how to get through to their staff, peers, and colleagues to create a cohesive, healthy, and productive work environment. Leaders are able to understand and empathize with others to push toward a common goal. This is done by understanding and implementing the three types of intelligence, influence & persuasion, performance management, and goal setting.

Each self-paced module will touch on these topics to help build upon your leadership skills. This series is targeted towards Directors and Managers but is still applicable and full of information for staff who are looking to become leaders in their schools.

    • Module 1: Leading with Emotional, Conversational, and Cultural Intelligence (3 hours)
    • Module 2: Influence & Persuasion (3 hours)
    • Module 3: Performance Management (3 hours)

Looking for LEAD training in Spanish? Click here to view parts of the Communication for Impact Series fully in Spanish!
We will be adding more content in Spanish over time.

Looking for LEAD's Communication for Impact Series? Click here for that content!

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