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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

October 13, 2021

Join us during Hispanic Heritage Month to explore the diversity of the Hispanic/Latino/LatinX Community and learn about their contributions to U.S. society, individual communities, and students who benefit from school meals. Meet SNA members who share their Hispanic heritage and hear their perspectives on school nutrition, current trends and how they see the future of the profession.

This webinar is part of SNA’s ongoing DEI series designed to assist in building frameworks to value and appreciate human differences along with creating a more inclusive work environment for all. It is our hope that our DEI offerings will help you, regardless of your role in school nutrition, gain practical ways to become even more culturally competent, curious, empathetic, and self-aware.

  • Recognize the important role the Hispanic/Latino/LatinX population plays in school nutrition (staff, industry, students)
  • Discover the diverse backgrounds and journeys of past, current, and future Hispanic/Latino/LatinX school nutrition professionals.
  • Discuss how to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment to help Hispanic/Latino/LatinX leaders grow in the profession.

SNA CEUs:1.0
Key Area 3000: Administration
Key Topic 3400: Human Resources and Staff Training
Sub Topic 3420: Diversity

This workshop is part of SNA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion series, made possible with support from TITAN-a LINQ solution.