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What's Your Learning Style

Learning styles refer to the multiple theories that account for the different ways people learn and process information. People commonly have a particular learning style that they prefer. However, it is very likely that your learning style is a blend of all three. When you know your preferred learning style(s) you understand the type of learning that works best for you. There is no right or wrong learning style. The point is that there are types of learning that are right for your own preferred learning style.

To learn more about the different learning styles, read the School Nutrition Magazine article from July 2016. The article references seven different styles, however for the purpose of this assessment we will look at the three main learning styles. Please feel free to research further online if you have an interest in the different learning styles. Click here to read the full article online.

This assessment consists of 20 questions and provides you with a score in each of the three learning styles at the conclusion. You are also provided with handouts for the three learning styles that you can print or download.

Please note that there are no CEUs associated with activity.